The Journey towards the Sylve goes on

After a long walk throughout a forest who gets more and more thick as you go along, you hear the noise of water from somewhere in the distance.

“We are now on the lands of dryades. We must pick someone up before we continue the journey”, says Ligna.

As she says these words, a creature with a great magic aura appears in a cloud of butterflies. “I”m Saya, from the dryade people, I’ve come as an answer the Archdruide’s call.” She comes up to you with an aerial walk and lays a Runic moon stone in your hands.

“We are all here, we can now go and join the Archidruide”, Ligna says. “We have no more time to loose, the blue moon ritual starts tomorrow, the protection of the entire Sylve rests on it.

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