MonkeyBlitz: the first Feerik game on AppStore!

MonkeyBlitz: History, the newborn Feerik game is with you everywhere now! Available on AppStore, you can download it for free on you mobile phone or on your tablet.

You suddenly want to test your general knowledge playing MonkeyBlitz: History ? No computer around?

Don’t panic! Draw your mobile phone or your tablet, go to AppStore and download MonkeyBlitz for free. It’s as simple as that!

When history becomes fun!

When was Electricity discovered? Before or after bicycles were invented? And Beethoven, had he tasted chocolate when he wrote the 9th Symphony?

Test your general knowledge and put historic events back in the chronological order! It’s a rapidity game, you only have 2 minutes to beat your friends’ scores!

Time to train your brain!

MonkeyBlitz: History is also on Internet and Facebook.

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