iTCG: Cards withdrawn from the NewComer Booster

From tomorrow onwards, the card release of May 30th will not be available in the new Arrival Booster.

Here is the list of cards concerned:

Sap Hearts

Briskness. Rare. Action. Sap Heart, Warrior, Elfin. If the Defense of the opposing character is superior to your character’s, Attack +3. Otherwise, your character deals an additional attack equal to his printed Min Attack. Chain “Elfine intimidation” or “Briskness”.

Power of our ancestors. Rare. Action. Sap Heart, Warrior. Attack +2. If there is at least 3 different Races among your characters, a non-Item opposing card attached to one of the characters in battle is discarded. Chain.

Fe’y. (and his two evolutions). Uncommon. Character. Sap Heart. Mage. Dais. Attack 2/4. Defense 1. Health points 13. At the start of the fight, the opposing character has Attack -1 until the end of the game and Defense -1 or Spirit -1. If “Fe’y” casts a Nature spell, he heals 1 Health point at the end of the fight. Turns 1, 3 and 6: Spirit +2.

Elfine intimidation. Uncommon. Action. Seap Heart, Warrior. The opposing characters have Defense -2. Elfine: Duration 2 turns. Chain “Elfine intimidation” or “Briskness”.

Brambles prick. Uncommon. Action. Seap Heart. The opposing character has Attack -2 and Spirit -2. Choose a Sap Heart Item in your Discard pile, it is played and will activate immediately.

Piercing arrows. Uncommon Other item. Sap Heart. If it is played after an Arc, Attack +2 and the card is placed in your Deck at the end of the fight. The Defense bonuses on the opposing character are divided by two (rounded up). Elfine: these bonuses are ignored.

Back to the soil. Uncommon. Nature Spell. Spa Heart. Mage. Attack +X where X equals your character’s Spirit. Nature Guemelite: an additional Attack +2. World-Tree: Duration 2 fights.

Mystical Bow. Common. Arc Item. Sap Heart. Permanent. Attack +1. As this card activates and at the start of each fight, the opposing character has Defense -2 until the end of the turn if his Defense is superior to you character’s. Elfine or Dais: Chain “Piercing arrows”.

Feign death. Common. Action. Sap Heart. Warrior. At the end of the fight, your character heals 2 Health points or 5, if there is more than 2 Items in the Discard Piles. Duration 2 fights. Chain if one of your characters alive is a Hom’chai or a Beast.

Desert Nomads

Scorpio blow. Rare. Action. Desert Nomad, Marauder. This card is attached to the opposing character. Duration 5 turns. At the end of the fight, this character suffers 1 direct damage per Marauder or Nomad card in play (6 maximum). Eclipse: Choose the character this card is attached to.

Idolatry. Rare. Divine Anger Theurgy Desert Nomads, Priest. The opposing character suffers X magic damages where X equals half the damages suffered by your character since the start of the game (rounded down, 12 maximum).

Big scimitar. Rare. Sword Two handed Item. Desert Nomads, Warrior. Activates after the fight. Permanent. Attack +4. Each time your character suffers damages he has Attack +2/+0 until the end of the turn. Temple guardian: Defense +1.

Inakta. Uncommon. Character. Desert Nomad. Human. Marauder. Eclipse. Spirit 0. Attack 6/9. Defense 0. Health points 15. Attack +1 against Warriors. Your other Nomads have Max. Attack +1 until the end of the game. At the start of the turn, once the characters are untapped, if “Itnaka” is tapped, she has -4 to damage suffered. Turns 1, 3 and 5: Attack +2.

Frontal Attack. Uncommon. Action. Desert Nomad, Marauder. Attack +1. Eclipse: a non-item card attached to the opposing character is discarded. Chain Nomad card.

Desertification. Uncommon. Action. Desert Nomads, Warrior. Permanent. Permanent. Only one copy per character. Temple guardian: -1 to damage suffered. Immortal: every 3 turns, an opposing card in play is discarded. Chain.

Slyness. Common. Action. Marauder, Female. Attack +1. At the end of the fight, “if Well-informed” is in play, the opposing character suffers 3 direct damages. Duration 3 turns. Chain.

Well-informed. Common. Action. Marauder, Male. Attack +1. At the end of the fight, if “Slyness” is in play, your character heals 3 Health points. Duration 3 turns. Chain.

Sand storm. Common. Action. Desert Nomad. Permanent. At the start of the turn Attack +3/+2 until the end of the game if this character is taped, otherwise this card is discarded.

Familiar ground . Commune. Action. Desert Nomads. Choose up to 2 cards attached to characters in battle, they are discarded. Your character suffers 1 to 2 direct damages per card chosen. Temple Guardian: Chain.

Enjoy the Game!

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