Take part in "Secret Dollz", the reality game show of the new OhMyDollz quest!

Hi girls!

This week you are going to enter Dollz Loft to take part in a reality game show: Secret Dollz in which each candidate has a secret that he or she must hide from the others. Will you discover the other candidates’ secrets and protect your own? Will you manage to keep cool in a house full of tensions? And will you be the big winner of this reality show?

The Dollz Loft nest isn’t really a loft. It’s a huge house which is part of the studios of Dollz TV. There is even an inside garden. A real labyrinth. I nearly lost myself!<br>This place is unreal… it’s strange to be on the other side of the TV screen! And it’s hard to believe that I’m gonna live with all the others for several weeks. The only link we will have with the outside is the Eye: some sort of huge pupil that will watch us day and night and will challenge us.

Participate in this quest on OhMyDollz and win lots of gifts! Among which the Secret Dollz room and the exclusive job: TV host!

As you go along, it becomes more and more difficult, but the gifts get better and better!

You will have to solve riddles to win bonus gifts!

If you obtain all the bonus gifts, you win a decor to set up your little collection!

At the end of the story, you have two choices ! For those who wish, you can play the second choice for 150 fee’z!

If you choose the first ending, you win the Secret Dollz room! A room like TV show ones, with message that scroll like in the “Secret Dollz” show! These messages are sentences related to the quest or comments you receive from other players!

If you choose the second ending you win the exclusive TV host job that will enable you to earn 6$$$ and will increase your popularity by adding 2 points to your doll mark and 2 points to your loft mark everyday!!

You have until Monday July 30th at noon (French time) to take part in this new mythological quest and win lots of gifts!

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz!

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