The Eltarite

The Eltarite

A new trophy is available from now on and until Thursday July 26th at 9:00 AM (French time)

You can take part in the trophy during that precise lapse of time, after that it will not be possible anymore. You can also buy this trophy for 199 Fee’z and acquire the title and the card associated with it.

Cumulate 100 points.
You earn 3 per game you begin with 3 characters who have no Race in common.
You earn 6 additional points if you have attached more than 6 permanent cards to your characters during the game.
You earn 5 points if you play: “The monster”, “Deliverance” or “Free the Flame” (Each card will be taken into account once).
You must play against different players and you will not earn any points if you leave the game before the end.

You will earn the card Uniqueness and the title: The Eltarite.

Uniqueness: Action. Collector. Unique. Your character’s Spirit and Defense are equal to the highest Spirit and Defense of your living characters. Chain.

Enjoy the game!

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