iTCG: The Undead in store

Players who did not complete the trophy: The Undead, can now access it in the Eredan iTCG store.

To obtain it you will have to cumulate 100 points.
You earn 1 Point for each combat during which you only play one card from your Hand.
You earn 9 points if you win a game during which you played less than 10 cards from your Hand.
You earn 5 points if you play “Death of the Dead”, “The Dead Gods” or “Dark Destiny” (these points can only be obtained once).
You must play against different players.
You will earn the card Neither dead nor alive and the title: the Undead.

Neither dead nor alive: Action. Collector. Unique. Choose a character and attach this card, he becomes an Undead in addition to his other Races. If it is one of your characters, he has Defense +1 and Attack +1, otherwise he has Attack -1 and Defense -1. Undead: Chain. Permanent.

Enjoy the Game!

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