Special Musical quest in OhMyDollz!

Hi girls!

This week, OhMyDollz celebrates music with a new quest!

Become a young singer and dancer who dreams of becoming famous. But don’t cut corners. Before you can sing with great artists, you must pass the singing and dancing audition in school and take part in contests and maybe one day you’ll find fame!

A really cute teacher came in the class room and told us that his name is Kinleyheand that he is the new singing and dancing teacher. I just whooped for joy! Yet stress came quick quick after. Kinley is very demanding! He has decided to set up the club by selecting people according to their performances. He’ll be using J-Lo’s clip on the Floor for the selection.

Participate in this quest on OhMyDollz and win lots of gifts! Among which an exclusive job and a new model, a very particular one!

As you go along, it becomes more and more difficult, but the gifts get better and better!

You will have to solve riddles to win bonus gifts!

At the end of the story, you have two choices ! For those who wish, you can play the second choice for 150 fee’z!

If you choose the first ending, you win the exclusive Pop Star job thanks to which you’ll earn 777$$$ a day!

If you choose the second ending you win a model bearing the effigy of your best friend on OhMyDollz! That model will change each time your friend goes through the makeover!

Important: once you’ve received the Best friend model, you can change her appearance by entering you best OMD friend’s nickname. If you got it wrong, you can change your model by entering a new nickname. You can change your model 3 times maximum.

You have until Monday June 25th at noon (French time) to take part in this new musical quest and win lots of gifts!

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz!

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