Discounts thanks to the Privilege cards on OhMyDollz!

Hi girllz!

Discover the privilege cards today, on OhMyDollz !

With each card, you’ll get discounts on your next purchases:

The 150 fee’z “Bronze Card””: 20% off on the 10 next items you’ll buy.

The 270 fee’z “Silver Card”: 50% off on the 10 next items you’ll buy.

The 550 fee’z “Gold Card”: 50% off on all your purchases for a whole week.

Click on the insert on the left to access the cards:

To check your current cards, click on on the magazine page.


– You can only possess one privilege card at a time.

-This special offer is available for all shops except: the Luxury store, Oh My Boutique, and Magic Chests and Cupboards.

– The discounts obtained thanks to the card can’t get accumulated with the discounts in store.

– The privilege card is available 6 months from the day you purchase it

– The privilege cards are available on OhMyDollz ! until Thursday May 31th at 3:00 PM (French time)!

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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