Rooms organized in a new way on OhMyDollz!

Hi dollz!

Rooms will no longer pill up and form a huge building under your loft! The team has worked to reorganize the display of your dollz’ rooms, so to make it nicer visually and integrate it to your file in a better way!
After several weeks of in-house tests we have modified the room organization and we are ready to show it to you today!

Rooms are now grouped together by themes! Each tab corresponds to a theme.

Every theme will be completed with new rooms and new themes will be created, of course!

How does it work?
– From the appearance of the tab you will know if you have at least one room (normal tab) or if you have none (partly hidden tab)

– Inside every theme, the rooms are nicely displayed in a decor! According to the rooms you possess, some parts of the decor are colored.

– The architect rooms you don’t possess have a “fee’z” icon while the exclusive rooms have a padlock one.

– When a new exclusive room is available, the tab becomes colored with gold and the padlock opens.

– You can put your 5 favorite rooms forward! Your favorite ones will appear above your loft. To add a room to your favorites, go to the room, then click on the room’s icon on the upper left side and then click where you want to add it.

– Now, on other plays’ files, you will only see the rooms they possesses (no more grayish rooms).

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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