Die Gewinnerinnen des OhMyLoft Wettbewerbs!

Die drei Gewinnerinnen des OhMyLoft Wettbewerbs sind :

Miss OhMyLoft : elenagilbert mit 34 Stimmen, die 150 $$$, die Trophäe und die Urkunde der besten Designerin gewinnt !

Zweite Siegerin : sam-winchester mit 31 Stimmen, die 100 $$$ gewinnt.

Dritte Siegerin : team-dean mit 24 Stimmen, die 50 $$$ gewinnt.

Vom 4. bis zum 10. Platz :

Herzlichen Glückwunsch !

Bis in zwei Wochen um die neue Miss OhMyDollz zu wählen !

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[Happy Weekend] Gegenstände mit Rabatt!

Hallo Dollz,

Dieses Wochenende organisiert Sarah „Happy Hour“ Blitzverkäufe mit jede Menge Gegenständen zu erhalten und bekommen.

Dies ist die Gelegenheit Elemente zu Sonderpreisen zu kaufen ! Einige Gegenstände werden sogar geschenkt. 😉


Wie funktionert’s ?

Am 5. und 6. October von 10 bis 20 Uhr (Pariser Zeit) erscheint alle 15 Minuten bei den jeweiligen Angeboten ein neuer Gegenstand!

Jedes Mal wenn ihr den  http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png  Button seht bedeutet es, dass ein neues Element erhältlich ist!

Bewegt die Maus über diesen Button, um den Gegenstand anzuzeigen und klickt auf „Kaufen“ um ihn zu erhalten. Ihr könnt ihn sogar mehrfach kaufen.

Von Zeit zu Zeit werden auch Geschenke erscheinen also bleibt aufmerksam!

Gutes Wochenende auf OhMyDollz!

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[Architekt] Abenteuer-Räume erhältlich in der Bank

Hallo Dollz,

Räume sind in der Bank erhältlich. Dies ist die Gelegenheit diejenige, von den du geträumt hast oder die du in deiner Kollektion misst zu erhalten!

Die Räume sind : Tundra und Park sowie seine Erweiterung.


Wenn ein Raum Themen und eine Erweiterung hat, gewinnst du alle Themen beim Kaufen der Erweiterung.

Dieses Angebot ist bis Sonntag um 23.59 Uhr erhältlich (Pariser Zeit).


Vervollständige deine Kollektion auf OhMyDollz!

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[Creation rewards] Congratulations to our designers!

Hello dollz!

OhMyDollz wants to thank our wonderful designers for the wonderful creations displayed in creators content!

We had to rack our brains to select your propositions in September! Behind these creations are talented players who put their imagination and creativity to use!


The selected players have been rewarded with 60 $$$ and 30 Coils for each of them, here are the players in questions!

The players who had several selected creations during this event will receive 60$$$ bonus for each selected creation. This process might take some extra time to reach your wallet, you will be warned by private message when the payment will be done.

Congratulations to :

Fashion Show

triskaidekaphobie,uissi-po,umbrella-academy,zazatounette,ashley-magnus (de),
cattiger (de),danny-salvatore (de),drago (de),elenagilbert (de),jutta (de),
jutta-vote4 (de),lijandra (de),mailing (de),ponziana (de),aguaperla (es),
nadeshikoh (es),poulette561 (fb),IoliteSoda (us),mlle-green (us),pearlshine (us),
soleda (us),synnie3465 (us),wings-butterfly (us)


xx-mouah-71-xx,zaza2805,elenagilbert (de),ponziana (de),roseaddict (de),
estell (es),jillyb (es),lylykinkin (fb),faechild21 (us),firewater (us),
karusia84 (us),mlle-green (us),pearlshine (us)

Thank you all for participating and so long!

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[Vip] Friday’s Gift: The collection of the month!

Hello dollz,

Sarah has a surprise set aside for the next VIP subscription gifts!

Designed by the talented Elsa, this set of objects will form a collection on a theme that will delight fans of the fantastic and magical worlds.

Will you be able to recognize this theme?


Every Friday, VIP players will find an element of this collection as a gift in their inventory. There are 5 items to collect!

Here is the VIP gift that will be offered tomorrow:


See you tomorrow to discover your VIP gift in your inventory, starting 10 am. (Paris time)

Here are the gifts already revealed from this collection:


Not yet a VIP member?

Become a VIP member to get this gift and many other bonuses!

What are the advantages of VIP status?

– An Unique gift a week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am in your inventory)
– The daily wage doubled when you work! (Excluding Talents and bonuses)
– A bonus of 35 $$$ per week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am)
– 6 tokens to play OhMyGames per week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am)
– Access to the VIP store for the duration of your subscription!
– Doubled daily votes, 20 instead of 10 (credited at midnight)!
– Every Saturday of the year, A different store of the game at -30%!
– Access to the “VIP special” room for the duration of your subscription
– Other small advantages in the game!

Find all the details on the VIP registration page by clicking on the “Become VIP” button in your doll’s information frame.


VIP gifts can also be purchased on the VIP page, in exchange for a few Fee’z for players with an active subscription.

Don’t wait any longer and join the VIP club of OhMyDollz!

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[Call to the designers] Halloween!

A shivering wind is blowing through OhMyDollz!

Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of this cursed month and offer us your most terrifying creations and disguises to frighten your neighbours!

What will be your Halloween vision? Scary monster? Princess of darkness? Fantastic creature? Cute disguise?

Let your imagination take you into this dark universe… so attractive;)


You have until the 13 October to send your creations based on the previously described theme while giving free rein to your imagination, let nothing stop you! Your creations will then be selected among all the submitted ones.

You can send your creations directly from your inventory : we will receive them and enjoy your endless imagination.

You can propose up to 8 items, created maximum 3 months ago !

No VIP items! When a VIP item is in a creation, creation can only be available to VIP members. We’d like Fashion Shows to be available for the largest part of the community.


Dollz whose creations will be selected will of course receive a reward, so good luck everyone and may you be inspired!

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[Packs] Effekte für die Haut !

Hallo Dollz,

Lust euch völlig zu wandeln ? Bis Sonntag könnt ihr Packs wiederentdecken, mit den ihr die Haut eurer Doll verwandeln könnt ! Pailletten, Marmor, Roboter, Tatoos, Tierhäute und Tierfelle… lasst euer Vorstellung den Rest erledigen :)


Entdeckt den Inhalt dieser Packs wieder :



Um zu den Packs zu gelangen klickt auf den folgenden Button in den jeweiligen Angeboten :


Ihr habt bis Sonntag um 23.59 Uhr Zeit, dieses Angebot zu ergreifen (Pariser Zeit).

Viel Spaß auf OhMyDollz !

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[Replay quest] Pirates !

Ahoy dollz !

Here is the chance to play or replay the Pirate quest !

You have the opportunity to sail the seven seas aboard a pirate ship, are you going to let it slip ?

During this quest with two endings, you can win :
– the Fort or its extension if you already own the room !
– the job „Empress of the Oceans“ (7$$$ per day)



The store linked to the quest will be open during the whole event !


You can replay this quest until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Good replay on OhMyDollz !

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[Fashion Show] Gothic outfit

Gothic outfit
Create an original outfit with the help of the required items

You can register starting Tuesday, October 1st at 10am until Monday, October 7 at 10am

Take your time to prepare your creation!
Check that your outfit is consistent and respects the theme before you sign.


• To register for this show you must respect the following prerequisites :

– Use at least 5 items sorted as “Black” in the inventory http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/affichage/couleurs/noir/noir_off.png

– Use at least 1 item from the “Dress” category https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/robe/robe_off.png

– Use at least 1 item from the “Shoes” category https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/chaussure/chaussure_off.png
– Use at least 2 items from the section “Charms and brooches” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/accessory_brooch/accessory_brooch_off.png from the category “Body accessory” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/accessoire_mode/accessoire_mode_off.png


Trouble understanding this theme or the fashion show ?
You can find help (and many tips) to follow the rules on the forum. To access it, go to the page of the parade and click on the link “Details of the parade”.


– It is best to wait for the next theme if you cannot meet the requirements for this one, otherwise you will risk failing to be selected or even worse being banished for not respecting the theme.


Which creation will be the most appreciated on OhMyDollz ?

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Die Gewinnerinnen der Modenschau!

Die drei Gewinnerinnen der Wahl der Miss OhMyDollz sind :

Miss OhMyDollz : funny92 mit 19 Stimmen, die 100 $$$, die Schärpe und die Misskrone gewinnt !

Zweite Siegerin : elenagilbert mit 16 Stimmen, die 60 $$$ gewinnt

Dritte Siegerin : drago mit 12 Stimmen, die 30 $$$ gewinnt !

Vom 4. bis zum 10. Platz :

Herzlichen Glückwunsch !

Bis in zwei Wochen um die neue Miss OhMyDollz zu wählen !

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