[Happy Day] Special unreleased items for Halloween saturday and sunday!

Hi dollz!

We know you can’t wait for Halloween to come! What do you think of a set of new items to prepare Halloween in your rooms? Here are amazing furniture sets to welcome Halloween on OhMyDollz!

Last year, a few items from this fantastic furniture collection had been released as a Happy Day (one of the first Happy Day collectors). Now, let’s find about all the other colors of the set that were never released before!

During saturday and sunday, a Happy Day with collectors items only  will be published, all available in $$$. Watch out! After this event, these items will be available in other player’s rooms, but they will be collector items.

Here are the items you’ll find during this event : PARIS HOUR (GMT +2)

Time Zone

Saturday october 7th

10 h to 12 h 45
Collection blanc, noir : 13 items

2 walls, 1 floor, 1 carpet, 1 window, 1 character, 1 table, 1 armchair, 1 stool, 1 cristal ball and 2 frames


13 h to 17 h 15
Collection orange, rose et violet,a touch of orange : 18 items

3 walls, 1 floor, 1 carpet, 4 frames, 1 bat flock, 1 table, 1 fireplace, 1 window, 1 character, 1 armchair, 1 stool, 1 candle set, 1 cristal ball


17 h 30 to 19 h 30
Vials, vials everywhere! (9 items)



Sunday october 8th

Time Zone

10 h to 13 h 15
Collection bleu : 14 items

1 wall, 1 carpet, 1 floor, 1 bat flock, 1 window, 1 character, 1 clock, 1 tabl, 1 armchair, 1 stool, 1 fireplace, 1 candle set, 1 cristal ball, 1 frame


13 h 30 to 14 h
Welcome spiders! (3 items)

14 h 15 to 17 h 30
Collection vert : 14 items

1 wall, 1 carpet, 1 floor, 1 bat flock, 1 window, 1 character, 1 table, 1 armchair, 1 stool, 1 fireplace, 1 candle set, 1 cristal ball, 1 frame, 1 clock


17 h 45 to 21 h 15
Collection rouge : 15 items

1 wall, 1 carpet, 1 floor, 1 window, 1 character, 1 clock, 1 table, 1 armchair, 1 stool, 1 fireplace, 1 candle set, 1 cristal ball, 2 frames, 1 bat flock


21 h 30 to 22 h 45
Spiders again! (3 items)
Watch out for the smoking vials! (3 items)


Don’t miss this event :)

How does it work?

On Saturday, the 7th of October and Sunday the 8th, from 10h (Paris Hour) to 19h30, keep an eye on “Current offers”, in the top left on the site. Every 15 minutes, a new item will appear!

Time Zone

Whenever you see this button http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png it means an item is available.

You simply have to hover your mouse over the button to see the item bigger and to click on “buy” below the button to acquire the item. You can even buy it several times.

Every item will appear during 15 minutes. At the end of the given time, it will be replaced by another one. So be quick, do not miss a chance!
Beware, the game’s collector Items are priceless. During the event, their price will be seen as 100 $$$, but this price does not indicate their real value! On the occasion of the Happy Day, we offer them at the price they would have if they were available in store.

Get pretty on OhMyDollz!

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