[Atmosphere game] The Story of the misterious key

Hello dollz!

What an idea to tidy your grandmother attic in a stormy day!
Or maybe… the storm was triggered because you are in the attic?

Your mind seems to trick you… Could be because Halloween is coming?
Can you find the courage to discover this mystery?

Follow the story and answer the questions to get a mysterious key!
It holds a great power with unknown effects 😉


This special Halloween event has 4 steps (like mini riddles of quests). For each step, you need to choose between 3 answers. Choose the right one!

Only the last question gives you the reward: Answer correctly in the first try to get the mysterious key!

Pay attention before answering, you’ll lose the key for a bad answer!

What is the purpose of this mysterious key?

Nobody knows, we must wait until its power will show!

Waiting to find which lock this key will open, it will be available in your inventory and can be used for your rooms 😉

To access to the game, click on the button in the offer of the moment:


You can find this mysterious key in your grandmother attic until October 5th 2017, 11:59pm (CET).

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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