[Anniversary Lottery] Try your luck !

Hello Dollz !

For the 11th anniversary of the game, our team decided to shower you with incredible gifts !

Participate in the great OhMyDollz anniversary lottery ! Play and try to win gorgeous gifts, Fee’z, $$$, rooms and even… a lifetime VIP membership !

So that every player has a chance to win, our team gives to all players free Tickets ! Each of you receives 3 free tickets and 5 if you are VIP (to thank you for supporting the game).

Beware, don’t forget to use all your Tickets before the end of the event  😉


How to participate ? Easy ! You simply need to drop a lottery Ticket on the wanted prize(s) : you will be part of the draw that will take place at the end of the month.

There are several different prizes to win. Each prize contains varied gifts such as months of VIP membership, rooms, Fee’z, $$$ and other surprises. It’s up to you to choose your favorite prizes !

Be strategic : the less participants for a same prize, the higher your chances to be drawn. To increase your chances, you can use additional Tickets.

You can try to win as many prizes as possible (all of them if you want). If you’re lucky, you can even win several prizes !

Discover two collector’s outfits ! There will be only 30 winners for each of them ! Will you be one of the lucky few ?

Try your luck to find out !


Rainbow Casual outfit

apercu_coutureRainbow Couture outfit


The draw and the distribution of winnings will take place the 27th August. There will one draw for each prize.

More Tickets on a same prize -> more chances to be drawn and win a prize !


Can I get additional Tickets ?

Maximize your chances to win a prize by dropping more Tickets on it !
If you want to use Tickets in addition to those give freely to you, you can buy some at the Bank.


You have until the 26th August at 11.59pm (Paris time) to play all your lottery Tickets. Afterwards the unused Tickets will be lost.


One single Ticket can be enough to win a prize ! Good luck to everyone !

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