[Gift] The Fashion Show Fairies offer the winner outfit of their contest

Hello dollz!

The Fashion Show Fairies had the honor to make a gorgeous contest on the theme of tradition costumes of Miss Universe. Numerous players participated in this event with gorgeous creations!

The big winner of this contest has been the Trinidad outfit by the player Montage-vanessa (fr).

This set is offered in this weekend to the OhMyDollz community by the players of the fashion show fairies!


Do you know the Fashion Show Fairies? They are charming players of the French forum that think about the players during the Fashion Show game, each week. If you find inspiration, do not hesitate to participate in their weekly animations!

This set has been created with the help of the Sewing Machine on OhMyDollz.

Contrary to Couture with the name of their creators and can’t be touched again or duplicated, these gifts aren’t “Couture”, but “normal” items of the game.
They are in your inventory and
can be used as an items of the game: in Fashion Show, duplicated with the help of an item multiplier, used with the sewing machine…

Receive this charming attention in your inventory until Sunday evening at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Thanks to them and bravo to Montage-vanessa for this gorgeous objects!

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