[Announcement] The new game by Feerik Games!


Dear dollz, dear creators,

In this new year 2018, Feerik Games has a great announcement: we are proud to announce the launch of our new mobile game, Fashion Show!
Fashion game but also cosplay, Fashion Show is like the little sister of OhMyDollz. More modern, faster, simpler… a unique and original gaming experience for all audiences.
It takes the strong principles dear to OhMyDollz: its graphics, create and dress a character, and especially the aspect that makes it unique and particular among fashion games: the total freedom of creation, plus the possibility to literally “shine” your creations thanks to the Haute Couture.


This freedom, absent from other games where the objects are positioned by force, is operated wonderfully thought parades and contests. We wanted to put forward the sewing machine on OhMyDollz, allowing to develop and share your immense talent with everyone thanks to this new application.
Ten years since OhMyDollz, connected to social networks, intuitive, Fashion Show will finally allow to have the game in your pocket to create from around a theme or freely, on a fast pace, when you want and where you want.


Usable with one hand and vertical, on smartphone and tablet, the Fashion Show game is centered on the dollz.
However, this format made the OhMyDollz loft too complex to handle, so we choose to leave this aspect of the game for the moment, to focus on the dollz and their look.


Anyway, pay attention, this game is in BETA TEST. This means that it isn’t finished yet, but we absolutely wanted you to be the first to play it! ^^
This is why we need you! By giving us your opinion, your wishes, your remarks, you will help us to make Fashion Show a unique fashion game in the world, creative and exciting 😉

You can already share your looks on social networks 😉
We have planned a lot of things for the next weeks of Fashion Show: the sewing machine in an improved version; allow you to sell your creations to other players; share your looks on social networks; filming while creating; tchat together; regroup with your friends to create Couture Houses… and a lot of other things for the future!
You will be kept informed on each progress!

We hope that you’ll like the game, and that you’ll spend good moments on it 😉 We wish you good look!

Available on app store and on android.


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