[Quest] Dollz-Express

Dear travelers,

The Dollz-Express train, to Constantinople, is about to departure! All passengers are advised to stand on the platform to board!

We are in 1890. The luxurious Dollz-Express train is about to leave the capital for its maiden voyage. Its journey will pass through the great cities of Europe, while its passengers will enjoy its comfort and its luxurious amenities. Its final destination: Constantinople!

And you have the opportunity to participate in this incredible journey!






Great gifts await you! Gradually, as you progress in the quest, the gifts are more beautiful!

You will also be asked to answer the riddles to win bonus gifts!

In the last step of the quest, you can get the new animated part of the travel tab: The Train!


Throughout his journey, through the awards stage, the train will grow furniture and facilities for the comfort of your travelers. Cabin, lounge, bathroom and restaurant will win in progressively steps to beautify your room.

The train décor elements are flexible and adaptable to all kinds of configuration to give free rein to your desires and your imagination!


And of course many other prizes to be won throughout these steps!
To access the quest, click the button in the special offers:

Check out the color variations of the objects you need for the quest in the Victorian  Shop!


You have until March 2 15h to participate in this quest and until March 13 11:59 p.m. to enjoy the boutique Victorian Shop!
Will you travel on OhMyDollz?

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