iTCG: Card Release: Back to the origin

To celebrate the arrival of our new Shadow Marauder, we propose you this week a pre-builded Deck that will allow you to try a new playing style, obtaining some cards of the week. Come to discover until Sunday 18th August at 8 PM (French time) the deck “Dagger Master” for only 999 Fee’z.

This Deck includes : The spookerDagger Master ArckamDancing BladeAt Daggers Drawn X1 – Slippery weapon X1 – Head Start X2 – Arckam’s Dagger X3 – Dexterity game X3 – Juggle X2 – Artrezil’s Blade X1 – Hidden blades X2 – Mask of the murderer X2 – Master assassin X1 – Dagger Master X1 – Fighting dagger X2 – Zil’s skill X2.

Moreover, the re-edited cards of the week are Weapons at will and Taichi sword.

Combat Trance. Rare. Faith. Priest. Duration 4 turns. All your allies have Attack, Defense and Spirit +1, or +2 if he is Warrior. If you haven’t played any card after this, choose a character and he gains 4 to 6 Health point. Chain Action, Weapon or Armor.

Prestigious Great Helmet. Rare. Item of Clothing. Permanent. Only one sample per character. Defense +2. Your Warriors have Defense +2 and Spirit +2. This card is discarded if one of your characters activate a Spell.

Weapons at will. Rare. Action. Kotoba. Warrior. Craftsman. Attack +1 for each Weapon in your Discard Pile (maximum 7). The last playable Weapon in your Discard pile is played. Chain Kotoba card.

Given word. Uncommon. Action. Pirates. Marauder. Attack -8. Choose one of yours Marauders, your opponent suffers a physical attack that equals his Attack, +3 if he holds a “Narwhal”

Dagger-Master Arckam. (2 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Uncommon. Zil Warriors. Marauder. Shadow Guemelite . Spirit 2. Attack 8/11. Defense 2. Health points 14. Attack +2 against Marauders and Mages. t the start of the game, a “Arckam’s Dagger” from your Deck is attached to one of your Zil Marauders and a “Fighting dagger” from your Deck is attached to another of your Zil Marauders. Turn 1 and 3: a Zil card from your Deck is placed in your Hand. Chain Zil card.

Arckam’s Dagger. Common. Dagger. Zil Warriors. Marauder. Duration 4 turns. Attack +2. At the end of your fights, a non-Zil character suffers 1 direct damage point. If he has less than 1 Health point, another non-Zil character suffers 1 direct damage point. Chain.

Imperial Guard Armor. Common. Armor. Kotoba. Warrior. Permanent. Defense +4. If a Weapon is active, a playable One Handed Kotoba Weapon from your Discard Pile is played. Chain One Handed Sword.

Amnesia. Common. Water. Noz’Dingard Envoys. Mage. Duration 3 fights. Defense +2. As this card activates, choose a character and he is tupped and suffers X magic damage points, where X equals your Defense.

Taichi sword . Common. Sword. Kotoba. Warrior. This card activates after the fight. Permanent. Attack +3 and Defense -1. At the end of your fights, your opponent suffers 2 to 3 direct damage points.

Enjoy the game!

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