{Star Renting} Special Flirt: the arrival of Matt P!

The party is at its heights in Katy P’s villa. All the most trendy stars are there and your Dollz is all exited. Suddenly, Katy arrives on her friends’ arm:
“Matt, this is a friend of mine, I met her by spilling coffee all over her. I’m so clumsy at times!”
Your eyes meet and all of a sudden, you see nobody but him, when Katy realizes what’s going on, she finds a fake excuse to leave you alone with him:

“I’m gonna go vacuum the living room!”

Try and seduce Matt P! Now or never! For that, you can get to know him by asking him questions!

Buy the right elements and win loads of points to fill the seduction gauge and seduce him!
There are four gift levels, and, when you get to the last level, you win the gorgeous Matt P in your loft.

Renters of the Star villa have until October 23rd at 2:00PM to make the most of this flirt!

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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