Replay Sarah’s 2011 birthday quest on OhMyDollz!

To end this year’s Birthday week, we offer you to replay a quest: Sarah’s 2011 Birthday quest! At an exclusive and exceptional price!

Sarah invites all the dollz to her birthday!
For the preparations for the party she wants your help!! Your so lucky!!
Help Sarah choose an outfit, design the invitations, and make a delicious cake!
Participate in this great party with Sarah and all the dollz! Maybe you’ll even meet the guy of your dream…

“Today is Sarah’s birthday! It’s been weeks that I’ve been waiting for this moment.
Last year she invited us all to Hawaii, it was awesome!!
So, I was wondering what will she do for this year, my phone rings:
– Hey ! It’s Sarah ! This year, I am organizing a super amazing party for my birthday! And of course you are invited!
Do you think that you could help me organize? That’s great! I am so happy!”

Participate in the organization of Sarah’s Birthday in this super adventure and win great interactive items and numerous gifts: a model in the effigy of Sarah and above all: “Sarah’s place” room!! The Sarah model is like Sarah in “Sarah’s place”! This room is made of two parts: the garden part and the disco part! You will get either the garden or the disco according to the end you choose, or both if you choose both endings.

And for this quest, Sarah made up a special offer: exceptionally, all the items to buy for the last stage cost only 1$$$!

You have until Sunday September 2nd at 11pm French Time to participate in this adventure and to spend some time with Sarah !

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz !

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