[Fashion Show] Call to the designers

Hello dollz,

Did you like the previous Call to the designers?
Do you dream of becoming a stylist on the game, and seeing your creations worn proudly by the community?

Sarah launches a new call to talents on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the game!

Create a princess themed outfit or accessory with the sewing machine!
Princess of light or dark princess, what will be your choice?

The most beautiful creations will be selected and made available to the community during the Fashion Show, which will take the shape of a Happy Day.


Send us your most beautiful creation you created using the sewing machine sur le thème de :

Princess of light
Sweet, clear, flowers, celestial accessories, turn the doll into a bright princess!

Dark Princess
Rebel, dark, rock, gothic accessories, turn the doll into a dark princess!

To participate, it’s very easy: Create an outfit on your dollz in one of your room, send it through your sewing machine to transform it into a creation. Determine a price that you think is right, and send us your creation by e-mail.

It is an incredible opportunity to show off your talent and to see your work acknowledge by the community.

Here are the rules of this event:


You have until Monday 7th August 2017 10:00 am (CET) to enter this contest and send us your creation. Past this deadline your entry will not be taken into account.

The theme is princesses:
Submit your creations to transform the dollz into princess of light or dark princess.

You can participate with any of your outfit, sewed or duplicated. By “Outfit”, we also mean “fashion accessories, wearable by the dollz”: shoes, hairstyles etc …

Can I participate several times?

There is no limit on the number of outfits that you can submit for this event.
We are sure that you will choose your finest outfits.

You can even participate on both themes;)
But be careful, each creation must be on a single theme, either she will be a princess of lights, or she will be a dark princess! No mixing of the two theme on the same creation.

PLEASE NOTE: send only one e-mail for all entries for a same account.


– You cannot use items from the VIP store or VIP gifts in your creation.

– For universal use, so not create or propose characters, or creations, with bit of skin (even small ones). Only creations “wearable” by all “dollz classic” mannequins, regardless of their skin color, will be taken into account.
Technically, this means: No elements from the category body http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/corps/corps_off.png

– “Single” accessories and wigs are allowed, if they respect the rules (themes, restrictions) of course.

About 60 of these participations will be selected by our team. If your creation is selected, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your entry has been selected. Use a valide E-mail :)

How do I know if VIP objects are present in my creation?

Our team has put in place several ways to easily allow you to check if VIP objects were used your creations:

When you create a new outfit containing VIP items, “Your creation contains one or more VIP objects” will appear in red on the right.
You can click on “See details”, which will show you which one of the items are VIP so you can correct the creation before sewing it!

You can view this information in your inventory for existing creations.
If one of the creation already possesses VIP Items, the word VIP will appear below.

Is there something to win?

Sarah will choose of the most exquisite creation in order to make them available to the community during two “Fashion Show” days, which will work a bit like a Happy Day.

Every creation put up for sale at this event will earn its designer $$$.
These earnings will be calculated based on a percentage of the number of sales made per item. Each creation will be considered “separately” (if you have more than one, you will receive a salary for each one). It’s up to you to be fair and to propose a price that is neither too high nor too low 😉

The Fashion Show will be held on the weekend of August 19th and 20th, and will be available for all versions of the game. This will allow the entire community to acquire your creations.
We will talk more about this event later on.

– You cannot modify a creation which comes from your sewing machine, even if you are its designer.
– A creation will always display the name of its designer (which appears by right-clicking on it)
– The usage of a VIP item in a design will restrict its its purchase to VIP players. This is the reason why VIP Items are exceptionally prohibited in the creation for this event.

How to Participate?

Everybody can participate!

-There is nothing simpler, just create your outfits with the sewing machine and either send the ID of your creation, your creation as an attachment, or a print screen of your creation to the following address: omd.contest@feerik.com

Don’t forget to specify in your email:
– Your in-game name
– On which version you are playing
– The price in $$$ that you estimate for each of your creations
Do not forget your attachment!

You can also specify, if you choose to:
– The ID of your creation in your inventory “My creations” (blue Tab)

If you want to submit more than one creation, send only one email for all entries concerning a same account.
The pseudo indicated on the e-mail must be that of the owner of the creation, otherwise the creation will not be taken into account.

Please note: We will have to sort hundreds of emails, if we can not understand at first reading what you are talking about, then your participation will not be retained.
Any non-compliant, incomprehensible e-mail containing only part of the information (forgetting a nickname, version … or having forgotten its attachment) will not be considered by our team.

It is totally forbidden to spam the contest e-mail. Any email not related to the contest will not be taken into account.

How to “sew” my creation?

Go in the room where your outfit lies (worn by your doll). Right click, select display the “sewing machine” and select option:
-EITHER “Saw my outfit” which will definitely assemble the pieces of your outfit.
– OR “copy my outfit” which will assemble the pieces of your outfit and will let you keep a copy of the items used in the creation.
Check the price of your creation and then validate. Be careful! If your creation contains collectors’ items the price of your creation will sky rock. And if your creation contains VIP items only VIP member will be able to buy them!
You will be able to find your designs in your inventory, in the “My design” blue tab, once the time has elapsed.

To find out the ID of your creation from your Inventory:

Just right click with your mouse on the design from your inventory. Look for the option “copy the image’s address” in the menu.
In a text file, right-click again and choose “Paste”.
In the link that just appeared, there is a number and this number is the ID of your creation.

I think that everything has been said! But if you have further question do not hesitate to post them in this topic.

Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this new formula. 😉

Let your imagination soar!


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