[Auction] Who will get to wear the Players creations?

Hello dollz,

The contest is now over. Sarah has bought 5 beautiful creations from Stylists of great talent, and is now ready to offer them to the whole community.

It is time for the auction to start!
5 magnificent creations made by players are being put on auction today!


These auction are visible to all players, from any status (players, VIPs, shopkeepers, but not “admins”), of any given versions, and will be transferred only to the highest bidder. When the timer reaches 0, the proposed object will go to the one who made the best offer!

How does it work?

The starting price of each creation is set at 100 $$$.
The auction will proceed with bids of 10 $$$, and only $$$.

If one of the item has awaken your interest, bid on it to try to acquire it. The amout of $$$ which you have bid will be immediatly deduced from your account.
You can bid on multiple item at the same time.

You immediately get the $$$ you commited to a bid back as soon as another player outbids you (place a bid higher than yours). A private message will warn you as soon as another player has overbid on an auction allowing you to place a bid again if that is your wish.
So watch out because the final price will be soely determined by the players.

The player with the best bid will get the item in his inventory, when the time indicated by the countdown end the player with the best bid will get the item in his inventory!

How long do the auction last?

A countdown is present on each auction indicating you the time remaining to place a bid.
Keep an eye on it! 😉

But in what are these Creations so special?

The 5 items on sale at these Auctions were purchased by Sarah from OhMyDollz players after the “Propose your creation to Sarah” contest.
Each of these creations is a unique and valuable collector’s item that carries the tag “Rare” in the inventory. It can not be modified (re-sewn, cut, modified etc …), can not be duplicated, and is not purchaseable through the “purchase in the lofts”.
– The name of its designer will always display the name of its designer by right-clicking on it. And finally its designers onl keeps one copy.  In other words, only two people on the OhMyDollz community will have the honor of wearing these stunning creations!
Will these stunning characters and outfits have a be a prominent place in your Lofts?

All you have to do in order to gain acess to the auctions is to click on the promotion button:


Good luck to all!


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